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Sakal epaper DownloadSakal is the best Marathi daily Newspaper in India. Readers can Download Today’s Sakal Newspaper PDF free of cost.

Download Newspaper: The newspaper is a part of our daily lives. Through televisions, social media, newspapers, and websites, we are getting news from all over the world. Day by day our life will be digital. We‘re now sharing Newspaper links to download in PDF format. The aim is to help all the readers, basically, candidates who are preparing for competitive examinations.

Sakal ePaper Download in PDF

Many sections in ‘Sakal’ like national news, international news, science, and technology, etc are the core of information. Sakal provides a lot of value addition not only for those who prepare for various competitive exams but also for anybody who is interested in getting a real perspective on things happening around him or her. Sakal epaper is a smart choice for smart IAS aspirants who prefer to read online. This is also a great boon for all those who don’t have access to the physical newspaper

About Sakal paper

Sakal Newspaper is a Marathi Newspaper.  Marathi सकाळmeans “Morning”. It is the highest circulated and the most sold newspaper in Maharashtra. It is so famous in the Indian state of Maharastra, Pune, India. Sakal Epaper, founded by Dr. N. P. a.k.a. Nanasaheb Parulekar on 1 January 1932. Sakal newspaper ranks among the top 10 language dailies of India and is the largest circulated Marathi newspaper. The owner and publisher of this newspaper are Sakal Media Group.

TYPEDaily newspaper
OWNER(S)Sakal Media Group
PUBLISHERSakal Media Group
FOUNDED1 January 1932
HEADQUARTERS595, Budhwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra, India
CIRCULATION1,337,901 Daily(as of Jul – Dec 2015)
Sakal ePaper Download | सकाळ Newspaper download

How to download Sakal news paper District Wise?

We are daily uploading Sakal Newspaper PDF which is absolutely free of cost to download Sakal e-paper. Scroll down the page and find out the download link by date wise of Sakal e-paper.

When do you get Sakal ePaper PDF?

Readers can get daily today’s Sakal epaper pdf link in the morning around 7:00 AM. If there any technical issue or today’s Sakal paper link not available then please comment below on this post we will answer your comment as soon as possible.

Are you facing issues to keep track of ‘Sakal epaper?

One of the biggest worries of many readers is that ‘Sakal’ newspaper (physical copy) is not available in their city or village. We get many emails from aspirants or students asking ‘how to download Sakal as PDF? Now in the online age, there is a solution that is either you have to subscribe the official website for ‘Sakal e-paper’ or download Sakal online soft copy paper from this post to read the newspaper across all device sizes – laptop, tablets, or mobile phones.

Why should you start thinking of Sakal today’s news paper in the online age?

Reading ‘Sakal’ newspaper as a daily habit has multiple benefits.

1. Get the same feeling like the physical newspaper – it’s almost like the paper-one but a lot handier!

Sakal epaper is the newspaper replica. You can read the exact replica of your daily newspaper in a clean digital format.

2. You can download ‘Sakal’ as a PDF for reading later!

Sakal PDF is the preferred option for many students. With the e-paper, you can download ‘Sakal’ as a PDF to keep your newspapers organized in a folder on your laptop or mobile. Now the burden of managing piles of physical paper is an old story!

3. e-Paper is cheaper!

1-year subscription to Sakal e-paper costs much cheaper, and hence you can save a lot of money.

4. You can save articles, Sakal, for future

There is also a ‘Read Offline’ feature to download the entire edition in one go and can be preserved for future reference.

5. You will get access to Sakal date wise

Missed your morning Sakal paper? With e-paper, you can experience ‘Sakal’ anytime anywhere. Just select the past date and get the Sakal newspaper.

What should be Focus on which article in Sakal Newspaper?

  1. Main page of Sakal.
  2. Supreme Court and High Court verdicts covering in Sakal.
  3. Focus on topics like Issues of national and international importance.
  4. Sakal covered the articles on Parliamentary Debates.
  5. Aspirant focus on government policies and orders.

How to download Sakal ePaper as PDF? Check Sakal e-paper

You need to register at their official website using your email id. Options are also given for registering using either Facebook or Google+ or download from this website for educational purposes.

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